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Pinmo is the first incentivized content platform that’s integrated across multiple social media networks, designed and developed using the latest targeting AI algorithm

What is Pinmo?

Pinmo is the first incentivized content platform that’s integrated across multiple social media networks, designed and developed using the latest targeting AI algorithm. Pinmo provides businesses with the perfect channel to locate Asian consumers globally.

Pinmo has full access to the user behaviours and purchasing data of 1.1 billion WeChat users globally and 3 million in Canada. With the most reliable tracking system, each individual campaign is fully managed and monitored. With millions of users and influencer partners, Pinmo is guaranteed to revolutionize the way you advertise to your customers.

Pinmo’s Advertising

The conventional model of social media advertising focuses on companies and social media sites benefiting from the virality of everyday users’ shared content. This conventional model disregards users whose online actions influence the potential of virality.


Pinmo’s advertising model rewards “everyday” users for sharing content, while keeping track of every click and share. This model rewards the actions businesses want and incentivizes users who are willing to perform them. This system is already in place and has been operating on WeChat since mid-2017, and will expand onto other social sharing platforms, beginning with Facebook by early 2018.

By transforming the relationship between sharer and content producer, we created a new hybrid form of content that is paid but appears as organically generated content. For the audience, this creates a new relationship with the ad content as it comes from a trusted source that has a personal relationship with the viewer.


Pinmo’s Marketplace offers businesses a portal by which they can share offers, specials, and sales to users. Our Marketplace allows businesses that may not have the right traffic to their existing E-commerce infrastructure to be part of a bigger network of users.

Currently, we are looking to open access to many of our Marketplace’s features for free. This will give small and medium businesses an entry point into our ecosystem which will establish a genuine flow of traffic to their websites. These businesses will be able to compete with big online marketplaces that have taken away their market share through digitization of the consumer process.


PinCharge is a free and portable phone charging station that allows individuals to charge their devices in any retail store, restaurant, mall, or business where people congregate to wait or socialize. PinCharge provides Pinmo with the opportunity to generate unlimited traffic, new users, and a tremendous amount of exposure offline.

The PinCharge station consists of 4 parts: a banner ad, a rechargeable battery, a wireless charging pad, and 4 charging wires. When users scan the device, they can begin charging their phone and receiving different messages that notify them of any nearby promotions, in-store features, and more.


To bring buyers and sellers closer together in negotiations, PinHome was established in January 2018. PinHome features a complex AI system which computes MLS data to help users see more purchasing and selling data from their local real estate market.

Because PinHome exists within the main Pinmo application, it continuously generates user behaviour data from different points and pages, which provides more accurate information. PinHome has a more user-oriented interface, the capability to produce massive amounts of data, and behaves as a real estate agent.

PinHome creates a digital interface where buyers and sellers can interact with each other and formulate a price to sell their homes.

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